Photoshop + Clipping Masks = Greatness

Photoshop is wonderful. Within Photoshop, the magical clipping mask tool is great. No, fantastic! It is SUPERB! I use it, like, everyday. Sure, there are layer masks and yadda yadda, but clipping masks are quicker. And easier. And awesome-er.

A clipping mask works by using at least two layers, where the bottom layer acts as the parameters for which a layer (or multiple layers) above it will show. So if you want to make some sweet pattern defined to the shape of a heart – put your pattern on top of a heart shape, make it a clipping mask, and voila! It’s SO easy.

I made a video tutorial (my first one, yikes!) of how I use it and how you can too! After that hop on over to the vault to grab some free style guide templates and put your new skills to use!

Posted on September 30, 2015 and filed under Design, Guides.