These are the tools, apps, programs, + software I use to grow my business (and keep it functioning).

*This page does contain affiliate links, but I would only recommend resources I know + love!


Creative Market*:

Great resource for fonts, patterns, and other design needs. Super inexpensive and lots of variety!


I love Slack as a tool for communication with clients, especially when they are a part of a larger team. It's so easy and quick and doesn't keep me bogged down in my inbox.


I finally made the switch over to Tailwind and immediately saw a huge upswing in my website traffic. It's simple to use and will definitely bring in results.


What I use to host meetings. It's simple, straightfoward, and has a free version! I use the paid version so that I can record videos and host webinars!



A professional way to send contracts to clients that is easy to use (perfect for starting out - it's free!)


Hands-down my favorite tool. Perfect for emailing your audience with newsletters, sales funnels, and more. Learn more here or here.

Google Apps:

Necessary for so many reasons - your email, Google Docs, etc. This is great for storing things like blog posts on the cloud!


Working with this company for bookkeeping is a legit DREAM. My link gets you an additional free month on your trial! (AKA 2 months of bookkeeping fo' free!)


My preferred platform for my own site and for building out client sites. Simple to use and to teach others, and a stellar support staff.


How I distribute digital products. A great platform because it can grow with your business - offers memberships, courses, and digital delivery. Fully integrated and easy to work with, plus a great support team!

Styled Stock Society*:

A great resource for beautiful, unique stock photos for your business. (Plus Elle has amazing related resources + templates to use!)


The Contract Shop*:

Protecting yourself and your business should be a pretty high priority. Literally so many contracts here for whatever your business venture may be.


Where I store my whole business. Inexpensive for a ton of storage and easy to use on a Mac. Makes sending files to clients a breeze!

Ultimate Bundles*:

An affiliate program that I have worked with for over a year and highly recommend.


This makes social media scheduling SO EASY. It's affordable, easy to use, and will save you hours upon hours as far as social media goes. Learn more here.


Essentialism by Greg McKeown*:

A legiiiit game changer for my business. I highly recommend to anyone that feels stressed trying to do #allthethings and wants to get back to doing what they love.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg*:

A book I read recently that has be re-evaluating the habits I want in my life and my business. This is great if you're ready to start thinking of your business as something bigger than just a one-person show!

Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller*:

This is a fantastic book if you are struggling with marketing, reaching and talking to your ideal customers, and your overall message. I can't recommend it enough - it even has an interactive tool that goes along with reading that is going to make marketing seem WAY less scary. A must read!


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