The Top 4 Reasons You Need To Look Good Launching

The last few weeks we’ve been talking about incorporating visuals into your launch, but I’ve yet to actually cover with you the difference between a launch with and without any attention to visual elements. Of course, as a designer, I think you should feature as much aesthetically pleasing and purposeful visuals as you can in your business – but what does it really bring to your launch?


Everyone is launching something – a new course, a new challenge in their Facebook groups, a new product line, etc. Us online business owners are constantly chasing ‘the next big thing’ and want to launch something that can benefit our audience and our pocket books as quickly and as often as possible. Maybe it’s shiny object syndrome or maybe it’s the ‘throw it at the wall’ mentality, but either way – there is nearly always some sort of launch related email in my inbox and I hardly subscribe to anyone’s list.

So, how do you combat that? There are many answers here – but a huge way to stand out is visually. In the same way that you probably prefer Target to Walmart since it’s just nicer looking/feeling, you can push people to prefer your course/challenge/program to someone else’s.

Things like fantastic sales page graphics, a beautiful or easy to digest opt-in/freebie, or fantastic ads on whatever social media channel you prefer are all ways to really draw people in and stand out from the crowd.

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Similar to the last point, having a cohesive and stand out visual approach to your launch will also help seal the deal in promoting your authority and professionalism. This can be key for first time/new to you buyers that aren’t exactly sure you’re the one to teach them. Showcasing that you are legitimate, committed, take your business seriously, and high end can push them in a positive direction (towards the check-out-now button).

This comes up day in and day out in your ‘real’ life – think about the landscaper who stops by with a random t-shirt on and seems to pull a price out of thin air versus the landscaper with a shirt with his/her business name on it, a professional quote that details his/her contact info, and a business card? You end up going with the one that says, “I take this seriously and am a professional” every time.


Something that has come up a few times with clients is that seeing their ideas/content laid out visually helps them to brainstorm better, gather more ideas, and plan out content in new, more helpful ways. This stood out as a huge compliment to me and also made me realize that in the same way you might be a visual learner, you could benefit from visually seeing your work.

When a designer comes in and interprets your goals, mission, value, idea, etc. you get exposed to it as someone else may see or understand whatever it is you’re launching. Now this might all seem a little ‘woo woo’ and weird, but it’s good to let outside eyes see things and even better to let them ‘play it back to you’ and give you a chance to see it fresh.

You might find that your content is great, but you could focus on certain areas more. You might find that you are shoving too much content into one day/section/module and need to break it up more. You may find that you have enough information for multiple worksheets or programs, instead of one giant one. Who knows!

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Perhaps the biggest asset to looking good while launching is that you’ll actually have things to share with people on social media, within emails, on a thank you page, etc. People respond to visuals far more than just text on social media – so incorporate some call-to-action graphics that get people excited.

In my line of work I’ve created more social media graphics than anything – first you need things like ads to promote (if you’re going that route), but you also need ‘teaser’ graphics to get people excited, mockups of what’s included, call to actions to buy now, count down graphics, etc. Without those things you’re missing out on a key part of marketing whatever it is you’re launching!

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Expand Your Team Part 1: Is It Time To Hire A Designer?

With my recent business adjustments I’ve been doing a lot of explaining about exactly what it is I do for clients as a design assistant. It’s a position that people don’t always think about initially when it comes to outsourcing work, but it’s one that can free up an incredible amount of time in your schedule (seriously if a 50+ page workbook takes me 6+ hours, how long is it going to take you?!). If you’re not sure exactly when would be the right time to start expanding your team and passing off design projects, then this post is for you.

So, when is it time? Probably sooner than you think (ahem, now).

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If formatting your blog post is a hassle because creating the graphics and content upgrade sucks all the time away from your day, then it’s time to consider outsourcing that work.

Blog posts, in their best form, have multiple graphics and some sort of content upgrade. That content upgrade might be a worksheet, a workbook, a calendar, a list, and so on – but it’s an awesome way to get more people subscribed to your email list (which means more money in the long run, right?). If you’re skimping on content upgrades because you don’t have time or abilities to make them – then you’re missing out on growth and profit.

A large part of what I do for clients includes creating these weekly content upgrades – anything from a simple reminder checklist to a 15-page workbook that educates, entices, and builds rapport with their audience.

The other end of that is actually getting people to view your blog post – which usually ties into having a) an awesome title and b) an eye-catching graphic on Pinterest or Instagram or other social platforms. I know you can write some amazing information that will truly delight and benefit your audience IF you can get them read it – which is where a designer comes in. Creating blog post graphics for blog posts falls into my weekly tasks for literally every client I have – it’s important to show consistency across social media and to attract and entice viewers read (as well as share) your post!

Understanding all of that is one thing, but implementing it is another. Taking time to learn and master a new skill so that you can create these things – and actually have them look professional – is probably not the reason you got into business. Instead you want to be doing what you love – coaching, consulting, photographing, etc. NOT fumbling around cursing the Adobe gods.

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Chances are you’ve got big goals for your business that include a lot of awesome things like courses, retreats, eBooks, masterclasses, and more. Guess what all of those need? A LOT of design work! Guess what else all of those need? A LOT of your time to actually develop content, connect with your audience, and make sales. Wouldn’t you rather be focusing on the aspects you LOVE to do versus making a ton of workbooks, flyers, social graphics, etc.?

When you have a design assistant on your team they start to learn your brand and be able to better embody and showcase it across a ton of different avenues. So if you delve into a course or into a eBook, the designer will know how to take your existing look and feel and adapt it to those settings. Your audience will admire the consistency and trust you even more (even if this is super subconsciously) which will result in higher sales.

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This is an example you hear often with design, but think about going into Store A where they sell shoes and everything is sleek and clean and the chairs are comfortable and the attendant is well groomed and knowledgeable and not pushy and the shoes are displayed nicely and the boxes are all organized and stacked facing the same direction. Now think about Store B where the boxes are disheveled and some are on the floor and they only have those weird mirrored seats to sit on and no attendant to be found. There floor is kind of dirty and you honestly don’t really want to take off your shoes because, well, ew.

Now the thing is – these stores sell the same shoes. The same exact shoes. But where would you rather go and who do you hand your credit card over to willingly? I’m going to assume Store A. Store B probably gets a quick glance before you suddenly don’t really feel like shopping today and would rather go get a smoothie instead. Or Chipotle.

Sooo… that’s a metaphor for all the visual elements of your business – ESPECIALLY in the case of getting people to BUY things (i.e. courses, masterclasses, eBooks, etc.). You need to be able to support your worth with professional, compelling visuals. That will make you more authoritative and trustworthy, which in turn will result in higher sales.


On that note – let’s take a second to talk about how GREAT you are. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you decided to go into business for a reason. You are following your passion, doing what you love, and helping people in whatever way that you do. That is important!

If you are the expert and you do have a message you want to share that will impact people then let’s DO that together. Being small isn’t an option. Start making strides in your business and stop wasting your time focusing on things that don’t matter.

The thing about successful business owners and entrepreneurs is that they know how to outsource the things they aren’t good at/don’t like doing and instead focus on their true skills and passions. Do you ever notice how when you’re really in your flow you can make wonderful leaps in your business but the second you have to do something you hate it seems impossible and the couch looks extra comfy? The trick is to just stay in your flow and stop doing the things you hate.

I’m Kaitlyn, your design assistant! I work with successful creative entrepreneurs to create cohesive, clean, and compelling visuals for their businesses. You can keep being the #girlboss you are (but with more time to focus on growing your empire)! Let's set up a time to chat!