The Top 4 Reasons You Need To Look Good Launching

The last few weeks we’ve been talking about incorporating visuals into your launch, but I’ve yet to actually cover with you the difference between a launch with and without any attention to visual elements. Of course, as a designer, I think you should feature as much aesthetically pleasing and purposeful visuals as you can in your business – but what does it really bring to your launch?


Everyone is launching something – a new course, a new challenge in their Facebook groups, a new product line, etc. Us online business owners are constantly chasing ‘the next big thing’ and want to launch something that can benefit our audience and our pocket books as quickly and as often as possible. Maybe it’s shiny object syndrome or maybe it’s the ‘throw it at the wall’ mentality, but either way – there is nearly always some sort of launch related email in my inbox and I hardly subscribe to anyone’s list.

So, how do you combat that? There are many answers here – but a huge way to stand out is visually. In the same way that you probably prefer Target to Walmart since it’s just nicer looking/feeling, you can push people to prefer your course/challenge/program to someone else’s.

Things like fantastic sales page graphics, a beautiful or easy to digest opt-in/freebie, or fantastic ads on whatever social media channel you prefer are all ways to really draw people in and stand out from the crowd.

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Similar to the last point, having a cohesive and stand out visual approach to your launch will also help seal the deal in promoting your authority and professionalism. This can be key for first time/new to you buyers that aren’t exactly sure you’re the one to teach them. Showcasing that you are legitimate, committed, take your business seriously, and high end can push them in a positive direction (towards the check-out-now button).

This comes up day in and day out in your ‘real’ life – think about the landscaper who stops by with a random t-shirt on and seems to pull a price out of thin air versus the landscaper with a shirt with his/her business name on it, a professional quote that details his/her contact info, and a business card? You end up going with the one that says, “I take this seriously and am a professional” every time.


Something that has come up a few times with clients is that seeing their ideas/content laid out visually helps them to brainstorm better, gather more ideas, and plan out content in new, more helpful ways. This stood out as a huge compliment to me and also made me realize that in the same way you might be a visual learner, you could benefit from visually seeing your work.

When a designer comes in and interprets your goals, mission, value, idea, etc. you get exposed to it as someone else may see or understand whatever it is you’re launching. Now this might all seem a little ‘woo woo’ and weird, but it’s good to let outside eyes see things and even better to let them ‘play it back to you’ and give you a chance to see it fresh.

You might find that your content is great, but you could focus on certain areas more. You might find that you are shoving too much content into one day/section/module and need to break it up more. You may find that you have enough information for multiple worksheets or programs, instead of one giant one. Who knows!

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Perhaps the biggest asset to looking good while launching is that you’ll actually have things to share with people on social media, within emails, on a thank you page, etc. People respond to visuals far more than just text on social media – so incorporate some call-to-action graphics that get people excited.

In my line of work I’ve created more social media graphics than anything – first you need things like ads to promote (if you’re going that route), but you also need ‘teaser’ graphics to get people excited, mockups of what’s included, call to actions to buy now, count down graphics, etc. Without those things you’re missing out on a key part of marketing whatever it is you’re launching!

I’m Kaitlyn, your design assistant! I work with successful creative entrepreneurs to create cohesive, clean, and compelling visuals for their businesses. You can keep being the #girlboss you are (but with more time to focus on growing your empire)! Let's set up a time to chat!

Expand Your Team Part 2: What Does A Design Assistant Do?

Since tweaking my services to work as a design assistant I’ve been asked a handful of times… what does that even mean? What do you do? How do you work with people? The answer is pretty open ended, but it doesn’t have to be complex. Basically, think of anything and everything you create for your business that includes some sort of visual elements… I do that.

You might not think you have a lot of ‘those sorts of things’ currently in your business. I urge you to reconsider your visual impact. People remember visuals significantly more than just words (especially on social media). Having a cohesive and compelling visual impact will promote authority and reassure your audience that you are the expert. Your business will grow and your presence and impact will grow when you start bringing a more polished and professional look to the table.

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Still not sure what a design assistant can do? Here are some ideas:


This is definitely the main task that I take on for clients (and luckily one of my favorites). I know there are tons of statistics about this, and I’m not one for throwing out numbers, but I did a little research for this post. According to Hubspot tweets with images are 150% more likely to be retweeted – AKA 150% more likely to spread your message (and information) to other audiences.

So, that being said, if you don’t currently have images that tie into and support your blog posts being shared on social media – you are behind! A simple blog post graphic like what is at the top of this blog post is great because it is also formatted for Pinterest and makes re-pinning and sharing this blog post significantly easier.

A design assistant can be an incredibly useful asset in this regard – creating the original template can take a few hours and requires a good eye for taking your existing “look and feel” and re-interpreting it in the required sizes for a few different social platforms. Then for each blog post you create they can tweak the template for that post specifically, format it in the different required sizes, and send it back to you or to your social media assistant to share and get circulating on different platforms.


Now within those blog posts you hopefully are including content upgrades to help grow your email list with warm leads. Those content upgrades should showcase just how awesome you are – so the content should be stellar, but it should also LOOK amazing and easy to understand and use. Another circumstance where a design assistant could be a great addition to your team.

Writing blog posts is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your expertise and value to your audience or potential clients, but if you really want to see business growth and success the secret lays in creating content upgrades for download associated with those blog posts. The REAL secret to that is having the content upgrades be useful, memorable, shareable, and totally impactful. A key component in that is how good do they look? How well is the information showcased? How easy it is to use and better yet, will people do something awesome like post an Instagram of them using the upgrade? How fantastic would THAT be?

Well, if you take the time to develop all this content you better believe you should be making sure they look amazing – and that’s where a design assistant can come into play. You might have the best information in the world, but if no one looks at it or uses it, then what does it matter?

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Another task that a design assistant can take on is polishing your course and/or retreat materials. These days it seems like you have to have a course or summit or retreat going on in your business – which is amazing and super exciting! But having these high value facets of your business NOT look polished and designed well is a huge error.

A design assistant on your team can take your existing branding and interpret it in a multitude of ways to cover your latest course or retreat. That way it still ‘looks’ like you, but it also reads as a separate exciting project and part of your business.

Not focusing on having these elements feel professional and high end can lose you sales. I definitely would be more likely to buy something that felt like the business owner put time and energy into making it high quality and perfect. It’s hard to ensure the course or retreat content is going to be worth the price, but having a professional and visually appealing look can set the groundwork of trust and reliability.


An element that a lot of business owners will forget to hand off is their actual client facing collateral – such as onboarding documents, welcome packets, etc. We focus so much on what is super external (social media, etc.) but forget that our actual clients deserve to an outstanding experience with our business – starting with clean and easy to understand visuals.

If you don’t have client onboarding in place yet, that is something I would also take time to focus on. Think about all the information you need and want someone you work with to have and understand. Let your design assistant take that information and create a visual experience for clients. It can be a workbook or a series of worksheets sent out separately. This will only boost your client’s experience and therefore your reputation as being an organized, efficient, and easy to work with business owner.


Another part of my day to day involves small website updates and tweaks. I don’t offer full developing services, or anything extreme that is better suited for a developer, but I can go behind the scenes and help update press pages or featured in banners. I can update icons or logos, as those evolve. I can tweak how your category icons look, and so on. There are small visual details that will elevate your business and help you to showcase your professionalism and expertise, and that’s what a design assistant should be helping with.

Overall there are countless tasks that you can pass off to a design assistant that can give you back so many hours per day or week to focus on your strengths and growing your empire. If you’re ready to set up a consultation and see how I can help you, click here!

I’m Kaitlyn, your design assistant! I work with successful creative entrepreneurs to create cohesive, clean, and compelling visuals for their businesses. You can keep being the #girlboss you are (but with more time to focus on growing your empire)! Let's set up a time to chat!