EffortLess Podcast #6: Distill


You don’t have to do #allthethings to have a successful business…

And in fact, I think you should do way less than you currently are, probably. This episode is about distilling down in your business and only doing what is intentional. So many times we online business owners get caught up in the ‘next big thing’ or in doing what the gurus say to do, when in reality… none of that stuff matters if there’s not an intention and purpose behind it.

When I switched business models I immediately started pulling in so many clients that it was impossible to maintain doing everything ELSE in my business... writing newsletters, posting to Instagram, putting out new blog posts… all of those things suddenly seemed WAY less important. Turns out they WERE - because I had been doing them aimlessly, with no purpose, no intention, no goals. When I quit them all cold turkey - NOTHING happened in my business. I still made money. I still got clients. I was fine. That’s when I realized that those platforms, those items on my to do list, they were completely pointless to me if I didn’t have a real goal or purpose behind them, and I was just doing them because I thought I *had* to. Here’s the truth: none of that ish matters if you don’t know WHY you’re doing it…

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