EffortLess Podcast #5: Confidence


It can be totally scary to talk about what you do…

And I get that. But this episode is talking about gaining that confidence, and stepping into that mindset of being ready to stand out and attract the right clients. Instead of playing it safe, offering what everyone else is offering, and picking your prices based on the rest of the herd… be willing to be unique.

In late 2016 I switched gears majorly and started promoting services that I hadn’t seen a lot of other people doing or talking about. It was scary, but the proof is in the… booked out immediately pudding? You can create a unique, niche version of your services and this episode is all about taking the chance and doing that.

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Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. I believe in creating businesses that you love, that are effortless, and that definitely make money. You can find me designing for driven creative entrepreneurs with mile long to-do lists and dreams of making big impact while growing a sustainable business that they love.

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