EffortLess Podcast #7: Boundaries


Sometimes your business really feels like your WHOLE LIFE

But truth be told, it’s not. It’s a part of your life and I strongly reject the idea that it is EVERYTHING. That’s too much pressure to put on one thing, right? Our business should not equal our self worth. That being said, it starts to feel like all you do/think/read/care about is your business at some point… and that’s when boundaries come into play.

As a service based business it’s so easy to fall into this trap that you have to be constantly available to clients because, well, hey, they are paying you. Boundaries are so important to maintaining a healthy distance, to giving yourself time and space outside of your business (and with your family, your friends, or even just your yoga mat), and unfortunately a few situations over the past few years had me learning that the hard way. Boundaries are a weird lesson because unfortunately you only realize you need them when you’re knee deep in the situation that you wish you had some boundaries around… take a listen and see what kind of boundaries you can create to better protect your time and energy.

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