The Big Thing You're Missing On Your Website

As a website designer my work revolves around giving client’s a great website for their businesses. We talk about home pages, blog pages, landing pages, and so on – but there’s a simple page that you might be forgetting that can make a huge difference. What page is that? Your 404 Page.

A 404 Page is where someone ends up if you have a broken or changed link or he or she managed to mistype a URL. On websites people end up on 404 pages more often than you think. It can be a simple error like typing “TheCrowFox” (which at this point is saved in my URL history, because I’ve messed up so much) instead of “TheCrownFox.” Someone lands there and a generic “this page does not exist” message pops up, and that’s it. Either they try again, or more than likely they just X-out and give up on whatever the initial mission was. 

What a huge loss! This is truly a problem because now you’ve not only lost a visitor, but possibly a sale or conversion or client.  Even if it is an error made by the person visiting your site, it still is an overall bad brand experience and not great for business.

What can you do? Build a page that actually has a purpose, a mission, or a chance for conversion and make all 404 errors redirect there. How do you do this?

That’s where my good friend Krista comes in. She and I hosted a workshop all about this topic - and you can catch the replay here!

If you are worried about your 404 page leading to loss of conversions, sales, and growth – fear not. Included in this masterclass are a 10-page workbook, 6 teaching sections, and 2 live working sessions and demos in Wordpress and Squarespace (from me!). It was an information packed class and I know you'll learn something new and exciting.

At this point in my internet-experience, if I end up on an unplanned 404 page it makes me go “seriously?!” and wonder how someone has NOT put in the small amount of time and energy to spruce it up and give it purpose. So we are going to help you make sure your overall brand experience is well thought out and all your “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed!

We really want to help you understand, plan, and actually create your own 404 page during this event. If you do have any questions about it feel free to reach out, otherwise click below to learn more! See you there.


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