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Portfolio Update: The Pretty Billionaires Project

I’ve been focusing on client work for the past few months and I wanted to share with you the latest project to wrap: The Pretty Billionaires Project.

Mikala was referred to me by my friend Jillian and what a good pairing. We instantly bonded over the love for all things #GirlBoss related and I was excited about what Mikala intends to do with The Pretty Billis (plus, that business name! So good!). She focuses on educating millennial-aged female entrepreneurs about digital marketing in their online businesses. Hello, soulmates! 

When we got started Mikala used words that immediately put some ideas into my head: modern, girl-power, bossy, fancy… I could just see where her head was. Then we hopped into Pinterest and started curating images for her inspiration board.


I’ll be honest; I’m obsessed with this inspiration board. The bold colors that were in Mikala’s head were fun and young, but still modern and girl-power (without being too obvious). 


From there we started with 3 logo options and quickly narrowed it down to an option that was a mix of modern clean lines and feminine script. We stole an element from a previous logo design and developed a pattern that she could use on social media graphics in the future, too!


Once we wrapped up the logo designs and implemented colors, we finished up the rest of her brand board. We developed social media header/cover photos and business cards to wrap up her branding package. 

In the future Mikala and I have talked about developing her website, which is something I’m so excited to work on. I’ll keep you updated with what unrolls next.


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The Detailed Process to Re-Designing The Crown Fox

With our “re-launch” happening at The Crown Fox, I also thought it important to build our own brand out with a more defined style guide. When we first started, I just quickly made one – so I back tracked and focused on going through a process that I knew would actually work and make a stronger and more detailed guide.

I started with building our inspiration board. This is super fun! On Pinterest I made a board devoted to pinning things I found inspirational, drawn to, and excited by. I wasn’t necessarily thinking “The Crown Fox Rebrand” or anything while pinning, just picking out things I liked.

Then, once I had a good amount of photos, I began to process them into a style inspiration board. I used a template I had built in Photoshop and dropped images in. There’s a little resizing, tweaking, and clip-masking (keep scrolling for a tutorial!) and then it’s like a game of Tetris, just fitting all the pieces together to tell a visual story.

This was the result:

The Crown Fox Style Guide | | Web & Graphic Design

From these images I began to see peach, rose, and gold colors pop out, lots of floral, and soft circular patterns. There were also hints of mint and green. With this knowledge, I started building out the actual style guide.

Here’s the abridged version:

The Crown Fox Style Guide | | Web & Graphic Design

What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments below!