The Detailed Process to Re-Designing The Crown Fox

With our “re-launch” happening at The Crown Fox, I also thought it important to build our own brand out with a more defined style guide. When we first started, I just quickly made one – so I back tracked and focused on going through a process that I knew would actually work and make a stronger and more detailed guide.

I started with building our inspiration board. This is super fun! On Pinterest I made a board devoted to pinning things I found inspirational, drawn to, and excited by. I wasn’t necessarily thinking “The Crown Fox Rebrand” or anything while pinning, just picking out things I liked.

Then, once I had a good amount of photos, I began to process them into a style inspiration board. I used a template I had built in Photoshop and dropped images in. There’s a little resizing, tweaking, and clip-masking (keep scrolling for a tutorial!) and then it’s like a game of Tetris, just fitting all the pieces together to tell a visual story.

This was the result:

The Crown Fox Style Guide | | Web & Graphic Design

From these images I began to see peach, rose, and gold colors pop out, lots of floral, and soft circular patterns. There were also hints of mint and green. With this knowledge, I started building out the actual style guide.

Here’s the abridged version:

The Crown Fox Style Guide | | Web & Graphic Design

What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments below!