You are busy.
Courses, products, eBooks, blog posts… you’ve got a full plate, right?
Your empire is growing quickly, you’re changing lives, making waves, and straight up #nailingit.

Except, like, you’re busy. Really busy.
Like drinking wine at your desk instead of on the couch, watching The Bachelor, busy.

You totally can do it all, but you certainly shouldn’t have to.

What if you could stop tinkering around with Canva and take the night off?
What if you could stop teaching yourself Photoshop or InDesign and focus instead on what you love to do?
I’ll make your products, social media, blog posts, and courses look perfect while you park it on the couch and take a chill pill.


Hi! I’m Kaitlyn, your design assistant!

My job is to take your branding and create anything you need visually – social media graphics, blog post graphics, newsletter headers, opt-ins, downloads, course materials, workbooks, and whatever else you need to keep being the #girlboss you are (but with a little more ‘you’ time). 

Ready to get started? Let's set up a time to chat!


Bringing someone new onto your team might sound scary - how will I understand your existing branding? How will I grasp your vision and business goals?

I work with a limited number of exclusive clients. You are not a one-off project. I want to be a part of your team, understand your business and industry, and help you grow. I’m a long term relationship kind of gal (first dates usually love hearing that!) and together we can elevate your business to the next level.

My background in branding design allows me to adapt quickly to fit the look and feel of your brand, and my love of brand strategy has me excited to better understand your goals (and help in making them a reality)!

When I join your team, you get cohesive, clean, and compelling visuals.

This will help you:

  1. Focus on what you LOVE doing (i.e. growing your empire)
  2. Gain authority through polished and consistent branding
  3. Launch more courses, retreats, books, posts, classes, or products in less time that are more professional, beautiful, and impactful. (cha-ching!)

And did I mention more time for wine? Yes, more time for that.
Or reading. Or sleeping. Or for your family...

Or whatever it is that you love to do, while growing your business.


Ready to take a load off? Good! Here’s how we can work together:

This is ideal for businesses that mostly need social media graphics for blog posts, promotions, launches, etc.

This is a great package for getting started especially if you aren't entirely sure what work you want to pass off to a designer yet.

I'll keep you informed where our hours are each week and if you approve any overages they will be billed for the following month.

Perfect for the business owner that wants to hand over more work to a designer (and clear up more time in their schedule!).

A great time allotment for social media graphics and blog content upgrades, especially if you are posting blogs weekly.

This is the most popular package as your business is growing and you are branching out into new ventures.

The best fit for established businesses who are launching often and need related materials and graphics, as well as social media graphics, content upgrades, and more day-to-day tasks.

This hour allotment is ideal for the business owner that is ready to hand over the design reigns completely.

Gives you time to focus on scaling your successful business further.