Happy Friday! We have a big update!

You may have noticed a few changes around The Crown Fox as of late, and that’s because there are A LOT of changes happening. First and foremost, this blog is now just a section of our overall website, which is offering freelance design services. For the past few months I have been racking my brain on how to turn this blog into a business, wondering what skills I needed to acquire to offer something to readers. Then in dawned on me – I didn’t need to acquire skills in a subject I wasn’t familiar with to try and lure readers. That would be silly and totally transparent.

Brittaney and I began talking about what to do. We were both feeling burned out on the “random blog” stream and didn’t feel enough growth or motivation in that regard. I love blogging, but wanted to feel like I was making a difference to my readers, not just telling them random going-ons. We talked and talked and I told her how I was going to help a friend out with some design work for her new business, and voila! She was like why aren’t you offering that service online? And from there we exploded with ideas.

So this is the plan: we blog about our business, starting it, things we learn along the way, etc. We simultaneously are starting and running our business offering branding and website design. There’s more information about that under the Services tab. If you, or someone you know, is looking for design services we are offering introductory prices so please reach out via our contact page! We will still have our Etsy shop, because we really enjoy all of products offered there, too. But in time, the hope is to build this a resource to fellow creative entrepreneurs, business owners, and bloggers.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday and cheers, y’all! It’s the weekend!