EffortLess Podcast: Do You Believe These Common Untrue Stories?

On Instagram I asked what you wanted to talk about in regards to stories + blocks - and the response was recognizing your stories + affirmations for overcoming common stories! So I Recorded it! Click through to read the shownotes and listen - don't forget to subscribe and rate on iTunes! | EffortLess Podcast | TheCrownFox | #podcast #businesspodcast #mindsetpodcast

You asked for help with recognizing your own stories + affirmations to help rewrite them…

So here you go! I thought it would be useful to hear some common stories to take and reflect on for yourself. See if you hold these to be true, or if they bring up other similar or related stories that you cling onto. And then, use the affirmations in the episode to help rewrite these stories for yourself!


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