EffortLess Podcast: You're Not Lazy... You Just Lack Clarity

How many times have you proclaimed - I'm SO LAZY. Here's the deal: I don't think you are lazy. I think you lack clarity! Click through to read the shownotes and listen - don't forget to subscribe and rate on iTunes! | EffortLess Podcast | TheCrownFox | #podcast #businesspodcast #mindsetpodcast

Telling yourself you are lazy is a story…

And it’s also not true. I don’t believe anyone is inherently lazy. Instead, I think they lack clarity on what they should do, and feel too overwhelmed to figure it out. Sure, sometimes we just need a day off — but if you’re finding yourself stuck in action and “being lazy” then you need this episode!

In this episode we talk through the story of being lazy and give some ideas for how you can move past being lazy and focus on the actual business-growing steps you need to take.


Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. By day I am a graphic designer and art director for digital CEOs. But my absolute biggest passion and truth is this: I believe that you can ultimately create the life and business you desire. This podcast explores the ideas of creating something that feels aligned, exciting, and effortless.

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