EffortLess Podcast: Why Are You Holding Yourself Back?


Why do you keep holding yourself back from what you want?

The only limit is yourself - I know you’ve heard that before, but have you realllllly heard it? And thought about it? And recognized that you are the one holding yourself back out of fear? Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of judgement… all of these fears come up and keep us complacent with the way things are (so that we struggle to move to what we WANT).

In this episode we dissect these fears and work through facing them together. I share some insights into my own practice for overcoming fears too!


Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. By day I am a graphic designer and art director for digital CEOs. But my absolute biggest passion and truth is this: I believe that you can ultimately create the life and business you desire. This podcast explores the ideas of creating something that feels aligned, exciting, and effortless.

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