EffortLess Podcast: Why Beta Offers Are So Valuable For You + Your Business


Putting yourself out there is scary

I totally get that. Earlier this year I put out a brand new offer, something way outside of my comfort zone. After putting it off, procrasti-working, and nearly giving up multiple times I finally got the courage to say ‘hey! This is for sale!’ … what helped make that easier? Offering it as a beta.

Betas are AMAZING. They let you put out offers or ideas with the disclaimer that you know it’s not quite perfect yet - and get direct feedback from people to help finish the job amazingly. I can make this blanket statement (you know how much I hate those, so this is a big deal!) that everything I offer from now on will start as a beta. The feedback, the experience, the confidence… it’s is just SO valuable.


Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. By day I am a graphic designer and art director for digital CEOs. But my absolute biggest passion and truth is this: I believe that you can ultimately create the life and business you desire. This podcast explores the ideas of creating something that feels aligned, exciting, and effortless.

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