EffortLess Podcast #1: Failure


Episode 1 is all about the scary stuff…

The things we business owners don’t necessarily LOVE to talk about - FAILURES. Mistakes! The bad stuff! The part that doesn’t get a beautiful stock photo on Instagram, right?! We don’t glorify all the shitty stuff, right?!

But first I want you to know one thing: every thing that you consider a failure is a lesson. Every misstep or mistake can be a huge learning opportunity. And if you PUT IN THE WORK, you can overcome whatever adversity your business faces. Hell, you can overcome anything!

I hope this episode inspires and motivates you to change your view on mistakes, failures, or mess-ups from your business past and instead see them for what they truly are: lessons, places to grow from, and opportunities to learn.

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Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. I believe in creating businesses that you love, that are effortless, and that definitely make money. You can find me designing for driven creative entrepreneurs with mile long to-do lists and dreams of making big impact while growing a sustainable business that they love.

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