I Stumbled Across One of The Best Affiliate Programs (And Now You Can Too!)

Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program reached out last fall to one of my business besties about including a product we had worked on together (Systemize Your Branding). Without much thought, I agreed to put our product in, and thought ‘that was it.’ I figured I’d send an email or two to my list, schedule some tweets, and maybe make a few bucks. Plus I got access to the bundle content for free, so I that was nice.

Well, to my complete excitement and utter amazement – I made more than a few bucks and the content in the bundle was AMAZING. Nearly a year later and I’m still going through it and reaping benefits in this business and in other business ventures.

I have to be honest, I sort of feel like I “hit the jackpot.” See, last year I didn’t really read all the fine print about payouts and what to expect – so randomly money would just show up in my PayPal account and I’d text my friend (also involved in the bundle) and be like “DID YOU JUST GET MONEY!?” and she would respond “YES!”. This happened THREE times since I became an affiliate (off of promoting ONE bundle).

So this year when the time came to be involved, I definitely wanted in. I read the fine print too, so I could understand a little more about how this process worked and, oh man, “hit the jackpot” I did. So, here's your chance to “hit the jackpot” too (and a few reasons you should jump on this bandwagon).


I don’t generally write posts promoting affiliate programs. In the past I’ve shared different software or programs (like ConvertKit, SmarterQueue, or Tailwind) that have helped my business, but I never really set out to make money through affiliate marketing (it’s just a nice perk). And to be honest, I still don’t consider it a ‘main source’ of income, but I’ve had a really good experience working with Ultimate Bundles and I felt the need to share (and yes, I would get a commission if you click and sign up through my link).

You can make money through Ultimate Bundles by sharing their bundles throughout the year with your audience and taking a percentage of the sale (40%, which to me just seems ridiculously high – but hey, I’m not complaining)! You can also be an ‘author’ for a bundle (what I did last year), and make a larger percentage of the sale. The bundle I participated in last year was the Ultimate Blogging Bundle. It had about a kajillion (okay, 63) products in it for $97. YES - under $100. Which clearly means, these things sell with not a lot of work on your part.

But maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “cool, but I don’t have anything that really fits in an ‘ultimate blogging bundle’” well, fret not. These folks have bundles for EVERYTHING! There are parenting-related bundles, fitness related bundles, holiday related bundles, and more.

The cool thing is you can offer one, or all, of them to your audience. Now, my belief with affiliate marketing is it needs to fit your audiences’ needs and not be spammy. So you wouldn’t find me promoting a fitness or health bundle (because hey, Chipotle is life). But it’s nice to have the options and variety (and as an affiliate you get any bundle at the 40% discounted rate). Plus, if more than one bundle does apply to your audience then GO FOR IT and make that money.

"Going to be an affiliate? Make sure you actually use/support/like the thing. Don't be spammy!" (tweet that!)


Okay, remember how last year I had no idea what was going on and I still made money? They’re so organized over at Ultimate Bundles, it’s really hard not to be successful as an affiliate for them. I honestly was probably so annoying because I kept slacking on sending over information and signing things (as an author) and they still helped me get my stuff together and make money. They give you scripts, dummy-proof timelines, and ‘hey YOU SHOULD DO THIS NOW’ sort of prompts – which is really fantastic.

I’m no expert on affiliate marketing, but I don’t think you should ever ‘copy/paste’ email content promoting something. Chances are someone else will send the same email and that will just feel icky to someone who is subscribed to both lists. But, what is nice is that there is a general outline and timeline that you can take, and adapt to fit your audience and how you communicate normally, and keep it really authentic and approachable.

In perusing through their affiliate portal I’ve found things like a strategy calendar/planner, swipe emails and their success rates, goal planning worksheets, and more. They really do want you to be successful. Plus, they also provide you with things like graphics to include with tweets and your affiliate code already generated and ready to share. Cha-ching!

"Choose an affiliate program that works with and supports you!" (tweet that!)


I touched on this earlier, but perhaps the best part about being an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles is what you are sharing is actually a freakin’ GREAT deal. Last year in the ultimate bundle it was 60+ products/courses/ebooks for $97. The product that I co-authored is worth half of that alone and it was just one small piece of the bundle.

When I got my copy of all the content in the bundle I immediately organized it into things that I would never actually need (maybe like 8 products, which was fine, because I still had like FIFTY more for under $100), things I wanted to read/learn immediately, and things that I thought would be helpful down the road. And you know what? Multiple items in my ‘down the road’ pile have been useful as my business grows AND as I started another business.

As far as I can tell, all their bundles are that stacked. They have a few that are available year-round and just as an example this Herbs & Essential Oils bundle is $47 and has over 20 different products in it. To be honest, it’s probably worth it to become an affiliate just to get the discount because these bundles are huge on value (I’ve literally done that for ones that they do that don't really serve to promote to my audience - like a gut health one - but I am interested in personally, haha).

In summary, maybe you’re like me and you think “I’m not an affiliate marketer and also it’s too much work to do that and also I don’t have time” and I’m here to tell you that a) you can be an affiliate marketer when there’s a bundle that your audience would love, b) it’s really not that much work, they lay out all the steps for you, and c) I took about twenty minutes total last year to promote the bundle I was an author for and I kid you not got an (unexpected) payout a few weeks ago and was like “WHAT. COOL.” I mean imagine if I had actually approached it in an organized way.

If you’re ready to work with Ultimate Bundles click here to sign up as an affiliate

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