Portfolio Update: Six Collective Co.

I recently wrapped another client project that I wanted to share on the blog this week. Melissa of Six Collective Co reached out to me a few months back about her branding and website redesign and during our initial consultation it was clear that we were meant to work together. We shared an enthusiasm for helping other business owners and working in this online space and quickly began planning for her project.

Melissa wanted something that was sleek and understated, but still inviting. She also emphasized a need for the branding to be gender neutral. We jumped in head first by creating this inspiration board:


Then we moved into logos, where I’ll be honest, I was having too much fun. I had too many ideas and had to spend time editing back what I actually showed Melissa (as to not be too overwhelming)!


I presented her logos a little different than I usually do and instead of just giving three options, I gave three “directions” as a starting point. I just had too many ideas and wanted to see what type of logo stood out to her.

We moved forward with the second option and tweaked it slightly. Then we finished out the brand board.

TheCrownFox | www.TheCrownFox.com | Client Brand Board | Branding + Design

From there we created business cards (that she’s getting gold foil printed onto!) and social media design.

TheCrownFox | www.TheCrownFox.com | Client Collateral | Branding + Design

While these things were being designed we actually passed over the development of Melissa’s website to Krista of KristaRae.co (the Wordpress Developer I LOVE working with and highly recommend). She built out the design of Melissa’s site which you can visit by clicking here.


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