The Four Signs It's Time To Launch Your Business

Starting a business is a crazy idea, right? I laugh when I think about how I used to scoff at the idea of ever being my own business owner. I remember actually saying in a job interview once that that sounded like an awful idea and I would never.


I’ve been reflecting on my business a lot lately over these past few months and I realized there was something missing – there are a lot of articles and posts about what to do when you start your business, but a missing moment of that feeling before… when you’re like, wait, should I REALLY do this? Am I CRAZY?

Well, no, you aren’t crazy. You’re awesome.

Ready to launch your business? Here are the signs #girlboss [tweet that!]


Sign number one that you should dive into this business thing is simple: it’s on your mind all the time. Your friends and family are probably sick of hearing you talk about it, you spend your spare time reading books and posts about entrepreneurship, and you have a lot of random notes in your phone, on post-its, etc. of what you could/should be doing.

I remember starting TheCrownFox was the most overwhelming thought in my head when I decided to do it. I spent every spare moment working on it and used it as an excuse to tuck myself in the office and avoid any other responsibilities or commitments.

Now, it can be a little unhealthy to be so obsessed, but I choose to see it as a positive that you are SO excited about something. It feels really good to be enthused about something and can turn the most blah days into something to feel good about.

I also have a thought that if you already can’t stop thinking about it, it’s going to happen. You’ve put the thought out there into the universe and you’re already secretly committed, just scared to admit it. My advice to you? Jump in the deep end! Get in there and DO the dang thing.


Another surefire sign that you’re going to be a business owner soon enough is if you have a thought or an idea that will benefit someone else. The easiest way this comes about is overcoming some struggle of your own, learning some skill of your own, or experiencing something of your own and looking back and realizing there are more women out there, like you, who you could help.

I am of the very strong belief that businesses have to exist to solve some sort of problem for someone else. Acknowledging what you can solve or fix or do or create for someone is a huge step – you’ve already starting building your business foundation without even realizing it.

Knowing how you are going to improve someone’s life is a big motivator to work on your business idea because suddenly there’s a real person out there who needs you to make this exist. Remember this feeling when you sell your first service or product because it will feel awesome to know that you are making a difference to someone.


If your only goal is to make a lot of money really quick I am not sure if starting your own business is the best idea. So if you’ve already started coming to grips with the fact that this is going to take work, effort, diligence, sweat, tears, and who knows what else – then great! You’re doing it!

Making sacrifices to be able to afford to start your own business, saving up an emergency fund, and taking out loans might be in your business future. Being willing to make those sorts of commitments is a huge indicator that you are ready to start a business. If all of that sounds no way, no how and you aren’t willing to cut the soy lattes out then reconsider how committed you are to your business’ success.


A huge part of starting a business involves a lot of introspection. You have to get into your head and see what you can teach yourself because there is absolutely no way that you will know and understand all the different facets of your business (hi, taxes).

Taking a moment early on to consider what your best and strongest attributes are, and focusing on those, will make starting a business much easier. As soon as you can I would start outsourcing anything else that isn’t in your wheelhouse so that you can focus on what you are good at and not get overwhelmed with what you are not.

I definitely understand the want to ‘bootstrap’ and ‘DIY’ everything, especially if finances are tight, but if you aren’t careful you will find yourself burnt out really quickly and overwhelmed by everything you are expected to do.

Rather, I’d make the financial commitment to save/scrape up what you can and hire out or trade work for the things that make you feel crazy and hopeless.

There are probably hundreds of other indicators that you should dive into entrepreneurship, but those are the top four that stood out to me in my own life and experience.

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