Here's The Truth: You Know What's Best for You

You have the ability, the knowledge, the experience, and yes - the intuition - to make magic happen.

What’s standing between you and the life and business you desire is not:

  • Another course

  • Another marketing funnel

  • Posting MORE on social media

  • Finding the right hashtags

  • Lowering your prices

What’s standing between you and the life and business you desire is… Well, sorry, but it’s you.

You are your biggest limitation.

I know! Ugh! That suuuucks. But it’s an easy-fix (if you let it be).


You know the next step. You know the thing you need to do. You know how to make things happen. And you also know that you are fully, fully, FULLY capable and deserving and ready.

Unfortunately, you’ve spent a long time building up blocks and walls around all that knowledge. You want to be more open to your intuition, to your truth…

But we’re talking years of conditioning to “follow the rules” and “check the boxes”...

NOT to stop, go inward, and actually listen to ourselves and what we truly want.

Let’s change that. Let’s learn to connect with ourselves again.

Start Today With The Creating Connection Journal Prompts

This guide contains a series of prompts and tools to help you re-establish the connection to your gut, your truth, your intuition. Use the practice for 21-days to establish the habit of journaling, develop the right types of questions to get the answers you seek, and find that trust again in yourself, in your inner being, and in your power and approach your business from a place of alignment. 


Inside Creating Connection you have a 30 page guide with 21-days of prompts, instructions and guides to using the guide, and practices to continue on into the future.

Whether you are new to journaling or experienced journal-er, this guide will help you use the practice more effectively so you can

  • Connect easily with your intuition

  • Discern between your ego and your intuition

  • Find answers within yourself instead of seeking external validation

  • Feel more confident about creating a business on your terms


Hi I’m Kaitlyn!

Throughout my life I’ve turned to journaling as a way to understand my thoughts, find patterns and connections, and get things out of my head.

It wasn’t until I started intentionally journaling to connect with my intuition did I realize the actual power that this practice could hold. I created this 21-day guide because I believe journaling is one of the easiest, quickest, and most accessible ways to grow the connection with your intuition and feel more confident in your power. And with that confidence, I know you can do incredible things in your life and in your business.


The guiding principle I’ve been living my life and growing my business by is this: you can do what you want. I believe that for you too. That statement is one of those ‘easier said than done’ type things though… because to actually do what you want you have to believe in yourself so strongly and KNOW that the choices you make are coming from a place of alignment.

The intention behind these prompts, behind this practice, is to get you to a place that you feel so connected with your intuition, with your truth, so aligned that you create the life and business you truly want. That’s possible for you