These are the tools, apps, programs, + software I use to grow my business (and keep it functioning).

*This page does contain affiliate links, but I would only recommend resources I know + love!



Creative Market*: Great resource for fonts, patterns, and other design needs. Super inexpensive and lots of variety!

TheShop: Affordable templates + designs for your business.

Moo*: An easy to use and affordable printing option for your business cards and other print needs.


Dubsado*: My latest obsession - a great tool for sending invoices, contracts, and communication with clients. (Get 20% off with my code!)

HelloSign*: An alternative way to send contracts to clients that is easy to use (perfect for starting out - it's free!)


BlueHost*: One of the easiest to use and understand web-hosts out there. Learn more by clicking here.

ConvertKit*: Hands-down my favorite tool. Perfect for emailing your audience with newsletters, sales funnels, and more. Learn more here or here.

SendOwl*: How I send out digital materials (like my eBook).

DropBox: Where I store my whole business. Inexpensive for a ton of storage and easy to use on a Mac.

Squarespace: My preferred platform for my own site and for building out client sites. Learn more here.

Social Media

Pinterest: Absolute necessity for bloggers to share content and drive traffic to your website. Join my group board here.

BoardBooster*: My favorite Pinterest tool. Learn more here.

SmarterQueue*: This makes social media scheduling SO EASY. It's affordable, easy to use, and will save you hours upon hours as far as social media goes. PS you can get a free 30-day trial using this link! Learn more here.


Evernote: Where I house all my ideas and ramblings (I use the mobile app a lot too!)

Google Apps: Necessary for so many reasons - your email, Google Docs, etc.

TheShop: Printable planners + kits to get more organized.


Flawless Funnels*: I love this easy to digest course for setting up funnels and making more passive income!

Building Your Base: My eBook will walk you through creating a foundation for your business and brand.