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Thank you so much for being a guest on the EffortLess Podcast. I am beyond excited to share your story with my audience and continue to help them build more effortless businesses and lives. Below, this page hopefully has all the information you’ll need to get started (and all the information I’ll need to keep me out of your inbox). If you any questions please email me at

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Please read through the following - it’ll outline our interview and help you prepare!


This isn't a regular interview, we're focusing on ONE main question to drive our discussion...

Season 1 of EffortLess followed my business history and pointed out key moments and steps I took (sometimes subconsciously, sometimes intentionally) to move from overwhelmed, burned out, and ready to quit to having a thriving business that felt more effortless.

In Season 2 we’re taking a similar approach, but instead talking about YOUR business. The goal isn’t just to tell your story and then pitch something. We want to share specific moments within your journey that things shifted – like the tipping points for your business — when things finally started feeling a bit more aligned and effortless.


The focus of the entire interview will center around this question:

What steps have you taken that shifted your business (even slightly) and made it feel more aligned and more effortless?

My goal is for the audience to realize that anyone in any industry can take steps to start making their business work better for them, and actually function a little smoother/better. So, maybe it’s when you finally hired that VA, or outsourced bookkeeping, or stopped offering 10 different service packages. Maybe it’s when you started believing in yourself, or showing up in a way that felt true to you, or started saying no to red flag clients. I have a feeling this season’s guests answers will be varied – but boil down to a few key ideas:

  • Be yourself

  • Do what you love and are good at

  • And say no more often to the things you don’t like

That being said, if you see this question differently and it brings up a whole new topic/idea/conversation – I am down for that too! And we can get as ‘tangible’ or as ‘woo’ as you want - there are no limits!

There will be an opportunity to promote something at the end of the episode. Whether it be joining your community, grabbing some sort of download, etc. please feel free to share a relevant offer to my audience.


I’ll be recording through Zencastr and Zoom. I’ll send over a calendar link after you submit your details below and get the interview scheduled. On that day, we’ll mute each other on Zoom and record through Zencastr (it’ll pull two separate audio tracks which makes my podcast editor’s life way easier) but Zoom will be there so it can feel like a natural, regular, face-to-face conversation!

My editor and I would absolutely LOVE if you could do your best to record in as quiet of a space as possible. Remembering to turn off any loud fans or air conditioning units, radio/television/music, etc.


Prior to going live I’ll send over some promotional materials for you. Feel free to create your own if that’s better suited for your branding. I’ll be excited to share it with my audience and would love if you chose to do the same!


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