You've made the decision: You're going to launch something new.

You've put in the thought, developed a clever name, started attracting a relevant following and audience...
it's nearly time to bring this new offering to life.

Except, well, wait. How are you even showing it off?

Do you have any social media graphics to spread across your growing Instagram following?
What about fun prompts and questions to ask in your Facebook group?
Do you have anything people can download and print off (and hopefully share using your #newhashtag)?

Oh, girl. This launch is going to be awesome -
but we need to get you covered with some visual elements first.



That's where I come in! Hi I'm Kaitlyn *waves*

I normally work with clients on design retainers, spending my days helping successful entrepreneurs by creating anything and everything from social media and blog graphics, to course materials, and more. After a few of my current clients went through launches I started to develop an idea...

Maybe you don't need me on your team 24/7, I get that. BUT, maybe you are launching something (a new course or a challenge? An exciting new group program? Whatever!) and want someone who's experienced in the art of #killervisuals to give you a polished, professional, and yes-this-is-worth-the-money look for your launch. 


Here's what you get:

A basic sub-brand or tweak of your existing brand. This includes a simplified color palette and font selections. Pattern and/or stock imagery collecting (if applicable) is also included.

Along with the basic development, you can add on any 4 of the following items to create your own bundle:

  • An interactive/fillable workbook >20 pages
  • 10 social media graphics (in 3 dimensions, each)
  • One email header
  • a Facebook and Twitter cover photo
  • 10 Instagram Story prompts
  • 10 Facebook group prompts
  • YouTube video thumbnails, splash images
  • 6 Individual interactive/fillable worksheets


Here's some other questions that might pop up:

How can we work together?

This is a limited time/space pop-up offer that will be available during July and August 2017. The turn around time will vary slightly depending on what items you choose for your bundle.

What is the investment?

Look Good Launching is a one time investment of $725! This discounted rate doesn't have any sort of retainer commitment or contract! (Payment Plans can be available).

What type of launch is this good for?

Maybe you're planning a group coaching program, a new eBook or video series, a fun 5-day challenge in your Facebook group, etc. Anything that you want to launch well, look high-end and professional, and feel confident sharing on social media would be a fantastic fit!

What should I be prepared with?

Anything copy-related should be done before we get started. That includes: copy for workbook and/or worksheets, social media graphics, etc. Otherwise, just the main idea for what you are launching and who you are targeting with the launch!

What Is Not Included?

I'll make everything you need look and feel fantastic and appealing to your target client, but I won't be able to assist you with: developing web pages, writing copy, setting up funnels, or integrating opt-ins.