Guest Post Submission Guidelines

The goal of featuring guest posts is to provide quality content from many different perspectives and niches. The over-arching theme is about starting a business, branding, and blogging - so despite our many different and unique areas of expertise, the goal is to relate it back to something that is educational, helpful, and informative.

I pride myself on creating blog posts that are in-depth and helpful to my readers. My hope is that this follows along that path. I've created guidelines for submissions that will help to grow this into a resource for others in this industry.

Please submit your post below (after reading through the guidelines). If you do have any questions, feel free to include them in the message section. I will respond within 10 days if your blog is approved and the post date. 

Because of the high number of submissions, I do not have time to respond to posts that do not get approved. If your post is not approved it either didn't fit one of the below guidelines, does not pertain somehow to business or blogging, or overall needs further work. Please feel free to resubmit a different (or improved upon) post at any time.

Blog submissions that are sent through any other contact form on this site will be disregarded and deleted. You must submit via the contact form on the bottom of this page.


Posts should be 1000+ words. Content needs to be original + informative. "Fluff" content will not be approved.


You may include 1-2 images. You must have the rights to them. If I am unsure that you do, I will remove the images.*


Please proofread your posts carefully. Posts filled with grammatical + spelling errors will not be approved.


Please attempt to create hierarchy in your posts, so we can easily create 'subheads' or emphasize important portions.

Please include a 2-3 sentence bio about yourself. This should include links to your website + social media.

All posts must be original. Any post published elsewhere or with questionable authenticity will not be approved.

You are responsible for interacting + responding to any comments your post receives. This is extremely important.**

I will promote the post via Twitter, Facebook, + Pinterest on the day it goes live, and continue to promote it in the future.


I'll create the social media graphics to maintain a consistent approach. You are welcome to share them as well!

You can submit as many times as you'd like, but I will schedule at least a month between posts from the same author. 

Along with your post submission (via Google Docs), please include a headshot that can be cropped into a circle.

Affiliate links are not allowed in your post. Other relevant links (to blog posts or your own related opt-ins) are fine.

*If you do not know whether or not you have the rights to an image, do not include it. This is a huge legal/financial risk that I am taking and absolutely, under no circumstances, will an image you "found on Google" suffice. 

** I pride myself on responding to comments and interacting with my audience. I expect the same from you on your posts. If someone takes the time to reach out, you should be able to take the time to respond. A lack of response in a timely manner, reserves me the right to remove your post.