Episode 4: Trust



Ooookay folks, so this is episode 4 and we’re FINALLY getting out of the everything-is-hard part of business and into the real, exciting changes. I know it must be so strange to want to share all the hard stuff from the beginning, but I really feel like it’s relatable in so many ways to the struggles I hear from others and my hope really was to emphasize this idea that a) you’re not alone, b) you’re not the only one that didn’t have overnight success, and c) things do get better in business.


1:44 Where we left off in her business

2:38 Why you should make a list of the things that you do and do not like as a business owner

4:41 Why it is hard to convince yourself to do something new and different

5:15 Why listening to your gut is helpful

9:34 How desperation can come from income inconsistency

12:49 What niching can do for your business

15:31 How to tune into that gut feeling to feel good about your decisions

17:40 Why you should figure out what does not light you up + getting rid of it

18:51 How adapting in your business can make your business feel effortless


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