Episode 3: Desperation



Today’s episode is about a really scary feeling in business or life... desperation. Desperate times do not need to call for desperate measures. Desperate times instead should call for you to STOP. Stop all this effort-ing and should-ing and reckless abandon. Stop, assess and evaluate, get some help potentially, and resolve the issue.

This episode and episode 2 (which is about burnout) go hand in hand, because these events were happening at the around same time and they both were big ah-ha moments that I know others can learn from.

So while the previous episode had a lot of personal details, I wanted to show you a bit of how burnout was showing up in my business around this time and some major things to think about and work on in your own business.


1:40 Where Kaitlyn was at this point in her business

7:38 Why you need to stop, before continuing

8:37 What desperate times DO call for

11:06 How you can’t do it all

13:22 How to fully assess what is going to move you forward


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