Episode 2: Burnout



Today’s episode is about something I am sure A LOT of you have experienced - it’s almost like a dirty word in business… burnout.

If you’ve been there, you KNOW how much burnout sucks. It’s like feeling mentally and physically exhausted and uninspired and just bad.

In my own experience my worst bout of burnout (try saying that five times fast) happened for one main reason: I would never say NO. So here’s your takeaway: Be WILLING to say NO. Be willing to look at something and recognize when it’s not a right fit, for whatever reason, and decline accepting it into your life or your business. You can set whatever boundaries you want, you are allowed to say NO.


1:23 What burnout is + why you have to learn to say no

7:25 Why you should be introspective + what a victim complex is

12:00 What made Kaitlyn realize she had a victim complex

16:05 How to move past feeling negative about issues + saying no

18:15 Why you have to open yourself to an abundance mindset

19:55 How to have the business you really want


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