Episode 1: Failure



Today’s episode is about something we business owners don’t necessarily LOVE to talk about - FAILURES. Mistakes! The bad stuff! The part that doesn’t get a beautiful stock photo on Instagram, right?! We don’t glorify all the shitty stuff, right?!

But first I want you to know one thing: every thing that you consider a failure is a lesson. Every misstep or mistake can be a huge learning opportunity. And if you PUT IN THE WORK, you can overcome whatever adversity your business faces. Hell, you can overcome anything!


2:28 Why Kaitlyn loved reading blogs + how it influenced her

3:53 How Etsy was what she though her dreams were made of

6:55 Why her life was not making her fulfilled before she started her business

8:18 How having an online business was her rope out of her “hole”

9:40 Why becoming a business owner was a scary thing

11:53 What her biggest failure of her own business was at the beginning

15:07 Why you need to put in the work

20:31 Why failures don’t exists + how to move forward


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If you’re new(ish) to this business thing, or just a little stuck, this is for you!