Episode 0: Intro to Effortless



This episode is the introduction to season 1 of the Effortless Podcast. The Effortless Podcast was born out of a desire to share key lessons and takeaways I’ve learned (the hard way, most of the time) over the past 3 years as I’ve gone from stumbling around this online business world, to creating something that is sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable (and I should also say achievable - this isn’t about overnight successes, y’all!). I’m excited for you to take a listen!


1:21 A little background on why Kaitlyn has created this podcast

2:56 What is in store for Season 1

4:49 What to expect throughout Effortless

6:27 Who Kaitlyn is + what she does

7:13 What her hope for this podcast is


Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. I work with creative entrepreneurs with mile long to do lists and dreams of making big impact while growing a sustainable business that they actually love. Looking for a designer? Let's set up a time to chat!

If you’re new(ish) to this business thing, or just a little stuck, this is for you!