EffortLess Podcast #0: Intro to EffortLess


Welcome to season 1 of the effortless podcast!

This episode is the introduction to season 1 of the Effortless Podcast. The Effortless Podcast was born out of a desire to share key lessons and takeaways I’ve learned (the hard way, most of the time) over the past 3 years as I’ve gone from stumbling around this online business world, to creating something that is sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable (and I should also say achievable - this isn’t about overnight successes, y’all!). I’m excited for you to take a listen!

If you feel so inclined please leave a review and subscribe on iTunes. Season 1 is unique in its format, and in future seasons I plan on using your feedback, questions, and comments to grow and evolve this podcast together!


Hi! I’m Kaitlyn. I believe in creating businesses that you love, that are effortless, and that definitely make you money. You can find me designing for driven creative entrepreneurs with mile long to do lists and dreams of making big impact while growing a sustainable business that they actually love. Looking for a designer? Let's set up a time to chat!