It's finally time! You've had the ideas simmering for a while now, you've done the research, the validation... this course is so happening

You know what you want to teach and share, you know you can change lives and make an impact and really, truly, help your people.

But, uh... how do you actually present all this information? What does it look like? How do you make sure people can actually understand everything you have to share?

Yes, you've got the info. But no, you don't know how to share it. And, honestly, visuals matter.

Courses that do well? They look professional. Polished. Cohesive. Worth it.

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Are you ready? Let's bring your course to life.

Add value through workbooks, slide decks, + more.



Signature Launch:

» Initial Consultation Call
» Workbook(s) For Up to 8 Modules
» Keynote Slide deck(s) For Up to 8 Modules
» Video Thumbnails
» Module Thumbnails

This is for your signature course launch. Y'know the one you've been thinking of, working on, and planning FOREVER? The one that covers everything, in-depth, and will totally make bank?! Showcase how good the content is, have the visuals to back it up.


Launch Lite:

» Initial Consultation Call
» Workbook(s) For Up to 4 Modules
» Keynote Slide Deck(s) For Up to 4 Modules
» Video Thumbnails
» Module Thumbnails

This is for a potentially smaller course. Maybe this isn't quite the signature course launch, but something a little shorter and more to the point for your audience. Build trust and showcase your expertise with cohesive, on-brand visuals - give an experience worth remembering (and paying for).


Optional Add-Ons:

Social Media Promo Pack: $400

» Up to 6 Styles of Social Media Graphics
» Built in 3 Ratios for Various Social Media Platforms

6 Styles may include (for example): testimonials, mockups, big promise statements, teaser graphics, etc.

Course Branding Pack: $600

» Custom Logo
» Two Logo Variations/Lockups
» Custom Color Palette
» Typography Choices + Hierarchy
» Pattern / Texture / Stylistic Details

Hi! I’m Kaitlyn, your art director + designer

You are a creative entrepreneur with a mile long to do list and dreams of making big impact, growing a sustainable business, and doing what you love (for profit!).

And, to top it all off, it's time to launch a course. What, WHAT!? So exciting, friend! Let me take the visuals off your plate - we'll present something that is polished, professional, and perfect for your audience. Cha-ching!

Ready to get started? Let's chat!



Here are some questions that might pop up:

how long is our time together?

I'm work with one launching client per month. You'll be my only launching client at the time, but I will continue to work on retainer with my monthly clients (learn more here).

What do I need to have prepared?

I'll send more details once we get started, but for these packages you will have to have all of your course content prepared beforehand. For me, that mainly means your copy for workbooks and slides!

What type of course is this for?

This was created with your signature course launch in mind, but there's also Launch Lite available for courses that aren't quite as robust or lengthy.

What's the payment process look like?

A 50% deposit will secure your spot in the queue (or allow you to pick which month is best for your launch), and the remainder will be due upon completion.

What Is Not Included?

I'll make everything you need look fantastic and appealing to your target client, but I won't be able to assist you with: developing web pages, writing copy, setting up funnels, or integrating opt-ins.


“Having Kaitlyn design collateral and brand my courses and offerings is so EASY! I love that I can hand off the creative direction to her, and know that everything is going to look professional and fit with the rest of my brand suite. Kaitlyn is brilliant at creating innovative designs, making everything cohesive and polished, and allowing the content I’m sharing to shine.”

- Indigo Colton,


“There's nothing more exciting than dreaming up a new program to launch. But the realization that I have to make a mini-brand, ton of graphics, worksheets, and slides is like hitting a wall. It takes so much time and energy and I know I can't make it as good as my course deserves - and that costs me sales. 

Having Kaitlyn take care of the visual components is such an incredible weight off my shoulders. She makes me look so much more professional than I would by myself. My offerings wouldn't be nearly as successful as they are without her!”

krista miller,