Portfolio Updates + Three New Client Projects

Hey there! I wanted to share with y’all some portfolio updates today. I recently wrapped two branding client projects that are updated in the portfolio (and updated the whole look of my portfolio to better showcase client work) and a logo project.

First I worked with Stacy Firth, an amazing content coach for business-minded moms. Stacy and I started talking about her project and it was clear that this was her passion and she was so excited to take her business to the next level. When I saw her inspiration Pinterest board I quickly became anxious and eager to take a crack at the preliminary logo designs – we have very similar aesthetics and I could already see how clean and timeless, yet energetic we could make her new branding.

Throughout the logo process and then into the rest of the brand board we landed on simple organic patterns, a clean blue and gray palette, and lots of white space for fresh, understated elegance. Overall I’m so happy with the end result and am excited to share Stacy’s brand board and website with y’all!


Next I worked with Amy Coats of Virtual COO Solutions. Amy strived for a professional but sleek and modern look. Throughout the logo process we played with the letters V and C as well as some icons that featured both gears and the idea of working from “the cloud” seeing as she offers a virtual service. We finally landed on creating a V that doubled as a check mark, symbolizing the efficiency and get-it-done mentality Amy brings to her clients.  Her color palette was a fun one to work on, featuring neutral shades with accents of poppy and gold.

I love how her website turned out, and that I got to make some custom icons (something I find so fun!). Overall this project got to stretch me creatively and the end result is something that I am so pleased with!


I also worked on a logo project for someone I’ve been talking to and helping in a coaching capacity, Erika Lippman. Erika makes beautiful promotional products and was ready to approach her logo and branding in a new way. She wanted modern, sleek, not too girly, and loves mint green. We worked through some concepts and talked about ways to represent that she could not only help you create/distribute promotional products, but could help you with strategy on how this could grow your business and showcasing things on social media. I was drawn to creating icons or shapes that were parts that fit together and eventually we landed on an end result that I know we are both super proud of and happy with!


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