Setting Up Boardbooster To Explode Your Pinterest

Earlier this week I talked about creating an optimized and shareable graphic for Pinterest and today I want to share with you what to do with that graphic to make it flourish – using my favorite tool, Boardbooster

I started using Boardbooster in January of this year, when I had less than 500 followers on Pinterest and it was barely bringing traffic to my blog. Once I realized the value of Pinterest I started implementing a lot of the strategies I listed here and got started using Boardbooster. I quickly saw huge results and started gaining followers, re-pins, likes, and lots of traffic. Now Pinterest is my highest performing social media platform and I have over 2,500 followers. I spend about an hour a week on Pinterest, total, and that’s when I’m stuck somewhere waiting on something and can do it from my phone. 

Boardbooster basically works on autopilot for me, which is perfect, because social media easily gets put on the back burner when I get too busy. Having the three different options (looping, campaigns, and scheduling) cover all my bases and make sure my content is getting distributed to my boards and group boards.

Ready to learn how Boardbooster can explode your Pinterest account? Good. Let’s get set up and start bringing in the page views, re-pins, likes, and followers!


This is where I started in Boardbooster, because it was the easiest to understand. Within the scheduler you start by clicking “add board” which will bring up a list of all the boards, group boards included, that you are a part of.

The goal of the scheduler is to have pins be pushed out to your boards sporadically throughout the day and not necessarily right when you “pin it.” When you add a board, you’ll see a secret board get added to your Pinterest account with the exact same name and a “-“

For example, I have a board called “Branding Information, Help,…” and a secret board called “-Branding Information, Help…” that Boardbooster created for me through the Scheduler.

The process on your end is to pin things to that secret board (the one with the “-“) and fill it up as much as possible, so that Boardbooster can pull pins from your secret board and pin them to your live board throughout the day. Therefore it will seem like you are constantly on Pinterest, even though you might just spend an hour a week filling up your boards.

There are a lot of settings Boardbooster gives you access to, such as what time range to pin between, how many pins to push through, what days of the week to pin, etc. My favorite setting is that it will prevent duplicates for X number of days, so you don’t have the same pins going back to back. I recommend playing with those settings a bit and testing out over time what gives you the best results.

I only have Scheduler set for my personal boards and spend time weekly to keep them full up. This makes my life a little bit easier and let’s me not feel guilty when I don’t have time to hop on Pinterest everyday.


Looping is where I journeyed to next in my Boardbooster evolution. Looping is awesome. What it does is…well…loop your pins.

What does that mean? Well you create loops for whatever boards you choose, and basically Boardbooster will go back and pull old pins and re-publish them as new pins on the board. Takes NO effort on your part once you set it up, but pins are constantly getting replenished to your boards. Talk about EASY.

With Boardbooster re-pinning old content is EASY. [Tweet That!]

Looping is great because it keeps old content relevant by pinning older posts that maybe you haven’t thought to share in a while. I have looping set up on all my personal boards and push multiple pins through every day just to help drive traffic back to older posts.

I definitely recommend using Looping and Scheduler in conjunction with each other, as one is great for re-pinning your older content, and one is great for sharing other people’s content (important for Pinterest’s tricky algorithms). 


Campaigns seemed the most difficult to understand, so I honestly avoided it for a bit in my Boardbooster journey. Once I got curious enough though, I spent some time diving in and figuring out exactly how to make campaigns work for me.

Campaigns have two options: a random campaign or a scheduled campaign. A random campaign works by taking random pins that you define and pinning them to group boards – you don’t specify a time, just a number of pins to go to each board per day. A scheduled campaign will take pins that you define and pin them to multiple boards depending on a schedule you create. You can tell it to send pin XYZ to board A and then two days later to board B, and then two days later to board C and so on.

I personally think random campaigns are easiest and utilize a few of those. I have one that takes random source pins and adds them to group boards that pertain strictly to branding (since that’s the traffic I most want to drive to my website). I have a source board of all of my blog’s content that randomly gets shared across all the group boards I am in, and then one that takes all my blog’s content and re-shares it to my personal board (kind of like looping).

I used to have a scheduled campaign that worked by posting branding related posts across branding group boards, but I found the random campaign was easier to establish. But, to each their own, and I’m sure a scheduled campaign fits a lot of blogger’s needs. Maybe you make a scheduled campaign to share each new blog post across a few group boards or a scheduled campaign with launch-related pins to share across active boards.

Overall Boardbooster is a hugely beneficial tool in my online business owner’s arsenal. I highly, highly, highly recommend giving it a try (they do free trials!) and watching your traffic explode! They also have a great support team that answers very quickly (usually less than a day). 

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If you have any questions about Boardbooster feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer for you. If you want to know what other tools and resources help my business sign up below and I’ll send you my favorites!

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