My Plan For Pinterest (Which Could Be Yours, Too!)

Happy Wednesday! We are halfway through the week and, even in sunny Florida, it is starting to cool off a tiny bit. Whew!

With our re-launch comes a more focused and motivated mindset. Now that we are offering design services, interaction on social media and being able to be “found” is essential. I have a plan mapped out for the main networks I want to infiltrate and Pinterest is at the top of my list!

Pinterest is a blogger’s dream. It takes your pretty images, makes them easily searchable and find-able and then directs people right back to you. First on our list was something I can’t believe I didn’t do sooner – convert to a business account. (Do that here). Imagine myself smacking my hand to my head and sayig “D’oh!” because I did. Now that I am a business account, I can see statistics and study analytic reports to see what pins do better than others, and start to develop a routine.

The Crown Fox | Squarespace Pin It Button Settings |

Then, I set up my website and blog to have the "Pin" button above any pictures. Squarespace makes that super easy, if you travel to "Settings > Marketing > Pin It Button" you can set everything up there. Voila! 

Next, I went through and overhauled what I had previously pinned. I have a ton of boards, but mostly personal stuff like my dream wedding and interior designs. Then I brainstormed who I would want to find my interest account:

I would want to attract customers that were interested in design – so I made boards about patterns, colors, and branding. Then I’d still want to send some traffic to our Etsy, so I kept an Etsy-related board. And I also wanted people who liked beautiful things and were inspired by clean spaces and pretty florals and things that I was drawn too. Why? Because they would probably, in turn, like looking at my blog and website that is clean and feminine. Lastly, I kept a board or two to show some spunk and personality, like my cocktails board. I want The Crown Fox to be branded, but part of my brand is that I’m a girly-girl who likes to arrange flowers, practice calligraphy, drink pink cocktails, and make your website look AWESOME.

In time, and once I finish up initial work with some clients, I will also definitely include lots of client work. That is something that is mapped out for in the next few weeks, though.

The Crown Fox | Edit Filenames on Squarespace |

With my boards that were remaining, I cleaned those up even further. I edited captions to being concise and easy to understand, and I omitted any pictures that were too low quality or just way off brand. I also made sure that any link that was related to The Crown Fox had a great caption so that if re-pinned, it would definitely find its way back to me! If you are using Squarespace, definitely make sure to use the “filename (optional)” block to put in loads of information. This is what will show as a caption for your pin – so make it relevant and directional back to your website!

As far as interaction – I am still in the process of finding boards and pinners to follow. This has been the hardest so far, because I want to make sure my feed on Pinterest is filled with amazing pins, so I have things to re-pin and interact off of. At this point, I’ve gone through blogs I follow and found some excellent ones. My goal is to spend at least 15 minutes a day interacting on Pinterest and getting my name and content out there. This will in turn have the algorithms that run Pinterest see me as someone who’s pins they should show and make me more visible.

I've created a Pinterest checklist so that can go through your Pinterest with a fine-tune comb and make sure it is bringing in business and viewers to you! Click below to get it!


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