Are you tired of finishing up a rebrand, just to start craving a new one? What about working with clients that aren't your ideal customer? Are you so over having to beg for people to see your value, see your worth, and know that you are the real deal?

#1WkBrand is seven totally free and awesomely actionable lessons that will help you to dig in and understand your business, so that you can develop branding + strategy that will finally let you: understand what branding means, discover your target client, define your goals, and grow your business.

Join over 900+ Graduates of #1WkBrand!

For the next seven days, we will devote time to helping you learn something new about your business and create paths toward success. I'm not going to lie - there is work involved on your part. I give you worksheets and homework to complement what you learn each day, and in return you get help from me.

Here's a breakdown of what we'll cover - why you are starting a business, who you are targeting, how you are going to serve them, your brand vision, creating attainable goals, myths and mistakes to avoid, and looking towards the future. That's a lot in 7 days, but I know you can do it!

“I was lucky enough to come across The Crown Fox #1WkBrand early in my quest to brand my business. Not only did Kaitlyn send thought-provoking questions for me to ponder, review, and answer as a guide for my business branding, but I was literally shocked when she responded to the responses I sent! All the other guides I had seen sent out questions, but I felt they were simply to promote thought and searching. Kaitlyn actually took the time to review my responses, add suggestions, and help guide my thoughts then asked additional questions to clarify those thoughts. On a daily basis I felt my vision becoming more concrete and by the end of the week I knew I had the tools and information for a strong base. I often refer back to our conversations and refresh my mind with her words. Those suggestions bring me back to my center when I feel myself straying a bit from the brand I am working to create. I truly believe that her one-one-one care just can’t be found elsewhere!”
— Mandy Ogaz, The Potted Pansy
“I signed up for The Crown Fox #1WkBrand and it was a great free email course with lots of easy to digest and helpful advice. Kaitlyn helped me envision my ideal client and helped me to think outside the box when it came to attracting clients. The course was clear, not too overwhelming and really fun to do the homework. Thanks again Kaitlyn!”
— Hanh Belle,
“You could certainly charge people for this course and the worksheets. I’ve paid $50-250 for far less than I received from you for free. It certainly increases your credibility in this arena. Thank you very much for this awesome freemium course!”
— Nora Williams